When Might a Business Require a Solicitor?

Are you thinking of starting your own business? If you are, you will want to cover as many bases as possible, and understand as much about business as you can. Part of being a business means looking after your legal obligations and protecting the business from litigation. Here, we are going to consider the various things that a solicitor can do to help your business stay compliant and also to protect if from outside factorss.


Solicitors can help you with signing and creating contracts

One of the first things that you should engage your solicitor to do is to check over the initial contracts you have with various third parties. There are two key types of contract, so we will look at each in turn.


1.Contracts that you sign: in all likelihood, you will have to sign contracts before you create any of your own. One of the first contracts that you will sign is that between your business and your landlord.


These contracts can be extremely dubious – for instance, the landlord may include a clause where they can lock you out of the premises without any notice. Clearly, as a business, you should never sign such a contract. A solicitor will notice these types of clauses and will instruct you about signing it. In this way, they can help to negotiate your contracts.


Other types of contract that fall within this remit include supplier contracts and insurance policies. A solicitor will help to ensure you aren't signing anything with dangerous repercussions – or if you are, that you understand exactly what you’re signing.


2.Contracts that you create: sometimes, you will need to create contracts for other people to sign. Primarily, these are either employee contracts or customer contracts. A solicitor will be able to look at your contracts and instruct you about whether you're doing anything illegal or ineligible that would later render the contract null and void.


Contrary to what some people assume, you can’t just write anything in a contract and if the other party signs it has them over a barrel – some types of clause are illegal. For instance, if your contract breaks employment law it will be invalid.


Solicitors can help you understand the local laws


Occasionally, there may be specific local laws that impact on your business in one location, but not in another. A local solicitor is highly likely to know these laws; if not, will know where to find details.


For example, if you're operating a construction business in Blackburn and you’re looking to do up a property, you may have to use solicitors Blackburn to apply to the local council for planning permission. Because Blackburn has a great number of listed buildings, you might not be allowed to do much in the area.


Discussing your business idea with local solicitors Blackburn will help you to establish whether it’s a viable business model for that area, or not.


Other things a solicitor might help you with include licencing laws (both local and national, and in all manner of industry) and insurance requirements for full compliance.


The majority of personal injury claims need to be made within three years of the event although there are some exceptions to this rule.


Asbestos related illnesses that only show up many years after working with this material continue to be settled at a cost to the insurers of many billions of pounds. Children are sometimes also an exception to the rule where the full extent of the injury may not be known till they grow older.


If a person has an accident at work or in a public place where it appears there was some sort of negligence by a third party then they should see a solicitor. There is of course no obligation to see a solicitor as they can make a claim themselves.                                          



But even for the lightest of injuries a solicitor will have a working knowledge of the likely level of compensation. And insurers rarely make the best offer at the start of the negotiations.                     


A personal injury Blackburn solicitor acting on behalf of a client with a broken leg following a fall from an unsupported ladder at work will elicit from that employer the name of their insurers.


The insurer will have some professional negotiator working with the intention of paying the smallest amount they can get away with. Their first offer will often be discussed over the phone and the client’s solicitor is bound to relay that information.


The solicitor can advise but not force the client to accept but with previous experience he or she will have a good idea of what a fairer offer is likely to be and it will be considerably more.


There’s a bit of bluff from both sides until all agree a figure. The Blackburn solicitors offer a no win no fee on personal injury claims so there is nothing to lose by paying a visit.


The good news is that if they take it on they will believe there is every chance of winning. Nobody likes working for nothing and solicitors are no exception.


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Local Lawyers Make Better Representatives

Very few of us will go through life without at one time or another needing some legal advice and with few exceptions a local lawyer is best.

When buying a house for instance it helps if the solicitor representing you has a good knowledge of the area you are interested in as he or she may know something that is not immediately obvious and may not show up on the usual searches.

Property buying is probably the most likely time we get to know a solicitor but there are many other times when their services are needed. Personal injury, employment problems, probate and litigation along with criminal activity and divorce are all times we may need help.

In every area it is perfectly legal for an individual to represent themselves but laymen rarely have a thorough enough understanding of the law.

Indeed, once a lawyer is qualified and is articled to a firm they will most likely already be specialising in one particular arm of the law as it’s very difficult to keep abreast of all the changes.

For this reason there are different departments in all but the very smallest legal practices where typically a one-man operation in a rural part of the country will only handle conveyancing and possibly some probate.

Buying a property in Lancashire probably will involve some firm of solicitors Blackburn based and Acsols springs to mind.

Increasingly solicitors are offering options on the no win no fee principle and that is certainly a huge help to anyone not exactly cash rich.

A typical example may be a person with long years in a company feeling they have been unfairly sacked or pushed by other means.

In these sorts of situations the last problem an unemployed man or woman wants is the worry of legal fees so this is a better option as it’s only the solicitor risking their time and money.

Naturally the solicitor will not offer such a deal if they feel there is doubt about winning some compensation on behalf of the client.

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How To Find Solicitors Who Are Experts In Their Field

There are many areas of law where litigation can occur.  If, for instance, you have a problem in construction, personal injury, resolution of disputes or employment you need to find solicitors in Blackburn who have specialised in these particular areas.


You would think that in the construction world there would not be any problems.  The thing is that many companies may be involved such as contractors and sub-contractors.  There could be a safety issue where some company has not done their work properly.

In this case it needs to be established who was the company involved that caused the safety problem.


Perhaps someone has not paid you for the work done and you need help with debt recovery.  This is an oft recurring problem.


If you cannot resolve dispute yourself, you will need the help of an expert to try and sort matters out amicably.  You can resort to arbitration as a first option.  This is a process whereby all parties involved come together, presided over by an independent mediator.

If this does not resolve differences then you may have to resort to litigation.  This process involves the resolution of disputed to be resolved in court.  In other words you are going to sue someone or a company.  This type of action is often quite expensive as lawyers and barristers have to be paid.


It may be that you are lucky and the threat of legal action is enough to make the other party want to settle out of court.


A court of law will have the power of jurisdiction to deal with the case.  It involves the two warring sides to put their side of the story to the Judge and Jury.  It is for them to decide who the injured party is who needs to be compensated.

As already said because of the complex nature of litigation and the time involved it is an expensive process any many companies and individual involved will think twice of going down this route.


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