Choose The Right Solicitor For Your Problem

Nowadays solicitors specialise in a particular area, unlike the old fashioned country firms of yesteryear where they were men of all trades.  If you have a particular problem with construction, employment dispute and personal injury matters there are solicitors in Preston who can help you.

Most problems in construction deals with the duty of care contractors owe each other.  If a fault occurs anywhere in the construction phase you need to know who is to blame for that particular aspect of the building process.

As you will know if you are in this industry, it is not only the construction that is important, but plumbing and electrical work have to be installed safely.  There is a code of practice that sets out legal requirements as to standards of installation.
This particular branch of law sees a myriad of problems every year which have to be resolved amicably if possible.

On the topic of employment law, this area is complicated and if you have trouble with your employer or employees it is essential that you should seek advice sooner rather than later.

You need to know that an initial consultation is almost always free and at this stage you can present your problems to see if you can take matters further.


Solicitors in your area are easy to find if you should go on the internet. If you are a Trade Union member, you could go and see your shop floor representative first.
There are several questions your lawyer will ask.  How long the employee has been in his current job. Whether incidents have been documented and details of the problems.  It is always the best option to sort problems out between the parties themselves first.

If this has not worked your lawyer is the ideal person to try and negotiate with the other party.  He has your interests at heart, but he is still an impartial bystander in the dispute.

Lastly if you have sustained an injury at work or elsewhere, you will want compensation for loss of earnings. You will find lawyers in your area on the internet.

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