How to Choose a Solicitor That Will Work Hard On Your Case

If you need to use a solicitor, then something has happened to you and you need legal redress. Finding a solicitor isn’t always easy. You need to make sure that you choose a solicitor that will work hard on your behalf, and that has the expertise and knowledge required to carry out the work. Our brief guide will help you to choose a good solicitor.


Work out what type of solicitor you need. There are different types of solicitor depending on the subject being dealt with. Here are the commonest types of solicitor in the UK:


Conveyancer: these deal with property sales, so if you’re moving house, you need one of these.


Employment: if you're an employer looking to draw up contracts, or an employee fighting an unfair dismissal, you will need this type of lawyer.


Divorce: these will help settle property and custody issues.


Personal injury: if you’ve had an accident and you don’t think it’s your fault and you have had to pay out in medical expenses, or lost money through lack of employment, you will need this type of solicitor.


Wills and probates: these will help settle disputed wills and will help you draw up your own will.


Choose a solicitor that works in your local area. For example, if you live in Blackburn, you will need to search for solicitors in Blackburn. This can help with many issues. For instance, the solicitor will be easier to get hold of if you need them. If you choose a solicitor that’s too far away they might not work so hard, but also, they will be more expensive because they will charge you for any journeys that they have to take. Sticking to solicitors in Blackburn will ensure that you receive the highest level of service.


Test them before you hire them. You should always test the solicitor before you use them. There are several ways in which you can do this:


Call them out of hours, so that you have to talk to a secretary, or leave a message on the answerphone. See how long it takes them to return the call. You should expect a return call within 3-days. Any later and it can be indicative of a lack of commitment to their clients (it could be that answerphone is rubbish too!).


Ask them if they’re prepared to make home visits. Some solicitors, especially injury solicitors, should make home visits. If they don’t, it can show that they are not very good solicitors. However, with some types of solicitor, such as employment solicitors, this is less important, but with others, such as injury solicitors, it’s vital. If they’re not prepared to make visits, choose someone else.


Ask them to explain their process. For instance, if you are using a divorce solicitor, they should be able to tell you how the legal work are going to pan out. For instance, is it likely that you’ll go to court? Do you need to sit down with your ex at any point? They should be able to provide you with a systematic guide of how a case typically pans out. It doesn’t have to be stuck in stone, but it should be somewhat typical.


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