The majority of personal injury claims need to be made within three years of the event although there are some exceptions to this rule.


Asbestos related illnesses that only show up many years after working with this material continue to be settled at a cost to the insurers of many billions of pounds. Children are sometimes also an exception to the rule where the full extent of the injury may not be known till they grow older.


If a person has an accident at work or in a public place where it appears there was some sort of negligence by a third party then they should see a solicitor. There is of course no obligation to see a solicitor as they can make a claim themselves.                                          



But even for the lightest of injuries a solicitor will have a working knowledge of the likely level of compensation. And insurers rarely make the best offer at the start of the negotiations.                     


A personal injury Blackburn solicitor acting on behalf of a client with a broken leg following a fall from an unsupported ladder at work will elicit from that employer the name of their insurers.


The insurer will have some professional negotiator working with the intention of paying the smallest amount they can get away with. Their first offer will often be discussed over the phone and the client’s solicitor is bound to relay that information.


The solicitor can advise but not force the client to accept but with previous experience he or she will have a good idea of what a fairer offer is likely to be and it will be considerably more.


There’s a bit of bluff from both sides until all agree a figure. The Blackburn solicitors offer a no win no fee on personal injury claims so there is nothing to lose by paying a visit.


The good news is that if they take it on they will believe there is every chance of winning. Nobody likes working for nothing and solicitors are no exception.


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